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Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction

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A place to post or post links to all types of LOTR fan fiction

We know that an archive that accepts ALL kinds of LOTR fan fiction is hard to find. There are archives that only accept slash, some that only accept nonslash, some that ban certain ratings, some that only accept hobbitslash, some that only accept interspecies slash, some that are peer reviewed, and so on. Nothing wrong with any of those, but my hope is that by creating this community, we can create a community in which all kinds of LOTR fan fiction writers can hang out together (gen fic, hurt/comfort, het, hobbit slash, interspecies slash, trash fic, mpreg), etc.

So...this is a community in which ALL types of LOTR fan fiction can be posted and/or linked to as long as it is labeled.

THIS IS NOT A RECS SITE. Of course, feel free to rec something you like, but also --- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pimp yourself. That is what this is all about.

Cross posting is welcomed. For example, if you primarily write hobbit slash and you'd like to post both to a hobbit slash community and to this community, please do! The more readers the better, right?


(Yes, there have got to be some, sigh.)

1. Because I'm hoping to attract many different readers and writers in the fandom, let's have courtesy. No flaming, namecalling, or other unpleasantness. Slamming certain pairings, genres, characters, authors will not be tolerated and is a banning offense. Constructive crit is another issue, and it's always better to email the author in that case. Don't think a certain pairing in a story is possible? Don't read the fic. Don't like slash? Don't read anything with a pairing listed or a slash warning.

2. You know I love my RPS writer friends and their writing. But alas, this is not the site to post RPS (real person slash). This is everything to do with LOTR universe only. Aragorn? Great! Viggo? Not allowed! :-)

3. Everything must be labeled and rated. The rating system doesn't have to be complicated. A simple "Adult" label for adult situations is fine, along with the reason (violence, sexual content). Please post warnings for things such as: excessive angst, violence, non-con, mpreg, slash (both interhobbit and interspecies), BDSM, etc.. Most people like knowing the pairing (if it's slash), genre, rating, and any warnings about the link/story.

Also please make certain that any explicit (read: adult) material is under a cut. In other words, do not put anything explicit in the part of the link/cut that people on the community can see. They should have to click on the link/cut to get to the adult material. (This is just as a courtesy for people who may not necessarily want to encounter adult material).

3a. No matter how wild or AU the story, we should at least see evidence of love for the characters and source material. Trolling is not allowed.

4. So...in order to help us archive your story/site correctly, please provide the following information either within your link or post:

Genre: (i.e., hurt/comfort, interspecies slash, mpreg, gen, angst, het, etc.)
Warnings: (mpreg, non-con, no happy ending, violence, etc.)

And now for the best rule...

5. Now let's have fun!

Below is the links page for all the authors and stories that have been posted so far (MANY, MANY thanks to the hard-working Ithiliana for helping to set this up!!):

The Fellowship

(note: this has not been updated in several years so links might be broken or non-existent)

Any questions or concerns? Email me at: claudia603@gmail.com.